Feeling Overwhelmed And Stressed with the Demands of Homeschooling or Online Distance Learning?

You can’t seem to balance homemaking and homeschooling, especially when you have to keep track of everything!

You tend to make elaborate homeschool plans and bail on them way too soon.

You feel lost, frustrated and confused!
You feel like you’re not doing enough.

I used to experience that too; I felt overwhelmed and stressed. I was worried about my kids’ learning and development. I was worried about how we were going to make it all happen because of my lack of experience, organization, and structure.

However, this is what I've discovered.

Homemaking is a full-time job, and so is running a homeschool. I need a planner to help me create rhythms, routines, and habits that will let me stay sane, productive, and focused on what matters most and that is my family.

Hi, I’m Nove-Ann Tan.

I homeschooled my own three children for fifteen years and it is not easy.

My own journey of planning a school year evolved in different paces as I’ve become more courageous as a homeschooling mom. No matter how I planned and made a lot of mistakes along the way. I’ve learned to see where my children are, savoring the rhythm of what God has placed in our lives. The freedom, flexibility, acceptance and love God has imparted in our family is the core of what keeps us going in our homeschooling years.

Presently, I'm a missional entrepreneur, homeschool coach, content creator, podcaster and an author. I’m also a licensed coach of the Learning Success Institute in Ventura, California which helps parents to Discover your Child’s Learning Style. I also recently created the You are loved journal, a journal for the beloved women.

I’m the happy wife of Chinkee Tan, who is being molded by God in every area of my life.

As I’ve coached homeschooling parents, I’ve realized that homeschooling parents have invested in a career that requires system and structure.

If you invest in the right tools, you can ensure your homeschooling journey will be one you, and your family will love and thrive in.

My search for a planner that fits my homeschool lifestyle has been fruitless. I've found most planners to be unsatisfactory, and many of the ones designed to fit the needs of homeschooling families have been too expensive.

That's why I created the

The I-Homeschool Life Planner
Creating Family Rhythms Without Guilt

You deserve a planner designed specifically for you. Designed by a Homeschooling Mom to make your life easier.

This is time-tested and approved by thousands of homeschooling moms like you.

  • It helps you plan your daily, weekly and monthly rhythms.
  • It is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly guide for your family. Helping you develop your own unique homeschool rhythm!
  • It covers all the details of Homeschooling that need to be attended to, easily leaving you time to enjoy what is important in life; your children!

Benefits Of This Planner

  • Get organized and stay focused and scheduled, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting important tasks.
  • Monthly educational tips and suggestions for homeschooling children.
  • Your child will be more cooperative, happy and self-confident. It’s the perfect way to foster good habits, develop a strong character, and have a happier home.
  • It helps you to reach your goals and find the hope to go on when it gets tough.
  • It helps to cultivate family rhythms and make meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

What's In the Planner?

Over 300 pages of tools and resources

Resource Organizer

Monthly Finance Tracker

Monthly Gratitude

Monthly Reflection

Weekly Undated Calendar



  1. Over 300 pages of tools and resources
  2. Undated Life Planner
  3. Monthly Articles for Homeschoolers
  4. Monthly Rhythm check up
  5. Monthly Reflection
  6. Monthly Undated Calendar
  7. Monthly Gratitude
  8. Monthly Rhythm Drawings with Quotes
  9. Month Finance Tracker
  10. Shopping Lists
  11. Meal Plan
  12. Weekly Undated calendar
  13. Weekly Homeschool Tips
  14. Attendance Record
  15. Semester Goal
  16. Quarterly Reflection
  17. Child’s Goal Progress
  18. Dates to Remember
  19. Know thyself
  20. Know thy Child
  21. Parent Evaluation
  22. Student Evaluation
  23. Reading List
  24. Resource Organizer
  25. Curriculum Review
  26. Homeschool Connection
  27. Inspirational Monthly Quotes
  28. Homeschool Stickers
  29. Year End Reflection
  30. Bloom’s Taxonomy Guide
  31. Celebrating Our Year

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No need to keep track of two separate planners for your child and for yourself because one planner fits both of you.

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Vision and Mission in Homeschooling

The Importance Of Marriage in Homeschooling

Know Thy Child

Why Does Rhythm Matters ?

Why Rhythm is important in homeschooling

Daily Rhythms

Weekly And Seasonal Rhythm

Creating A Family Rhythm

From Habits to Character

How to Honor Your Child

Clutter Free Homeschooling Organization

My Homeschooling Journey

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Downloadable Sheets For Families Who Have More Than Three Kids


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